F/F Omegaverse Fanfiction Recs

Similar to my F/F Omegaverse Books post, I have a nice list of recommendations for F/F Omegaverse Fanfictions. There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing F/F Omegaverse fanfictions that can be found at the Archive of Our Own (AO3) and Fanfiction.net. Down below is just a short list of ones that I have read and … Continue reading F/F Omegaverse Fanfiction Recs

Dancing in the Darkness Release!

This is it! Dancing in the Darkness will go live on Amazon and Smashwords in a matter of hours. I'm just as pumped as many of my super patient readers. I expect reviews to show up for the book within two to three days after publication. Beta reader feedback was positive and strong. I also … Continue reading Dancing in the Darkness Release!