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Why I Love F/F Omegaverse

This is a long, looong overdue post. Heck. A post at all is long overdue. But I have been dying to talk about this topic. πŸ₯°

Over and over again, I get asked why I love F/F Omegaverse. Or how I came into it, even simply reading it much less writing & publishing it. It is a pretty strange trope! (At least at first glance.) I would be lying if I said it was insta-love when it came to F/F Omegaverse.

I guess the beginning is always the best place to start. My very first encounter I had was with a Clexa fanfic from The 100 TV show, which is the pairing of Lexa and Clarke.

The Clexa Kiss 😍

Honestly, I don’t remember much about my first F/F Omegaverse fanfic. But what I do recall are words like “Alpha”, “Omega”, “Beta”, and “pheromones” being sprinkled about and thinking that’s a bit bizarre. I figured it was some werewolf paranormal plot line. As the story went along, Lexa was suddenly sporting a big, erect penis and trying to knot Clarke.

WTF! 😨

I’m fairly certain that’s many newcomers’ initial, unprepared reaction! 🀣

Um. So I closed out that fanfic when all of that started happening between Lexa and Clarke. Again, I still wrote it off as a kinky werewolf one-of-a-kind “I’ll never see that again” type of fanfic. I dodged a reading bullet there! Phew! Alrighty time to move on to other Clexa fanfics….

Except I started noticing other Clexa fanfics had those strange words but as tags. There were words like “Alpha/Omega” or “Omega Verse” or “Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics”. Then there was this one tag that caught my eye called “g!p”. Even after I googled it and found out what it meant, I still didn’t get it. Are you really telling me there’s people out there writing F/F fanfics that involve a “girl penis”? That’s so absurd! Pffft! Again, time to move on…

I returned to my regularly scheduled traditional F/F Clexa fanfics. …but a lot more Clexa fanfics started sporting those big Omegaverse tags, just like Lexa with her penis! It was so haaard to avoid them now. Then one day I saw an F/F Omegaverse Clexa fanfic that had A LOT of kudos and reviews. So I said to myself, “Self, this has to be really good with all these kudos and reviews.” I took a chance. And it was worth it. My world started to change…

No, it still wasn’t insta-love for F/F Omegaverse for me. Even though My Bones Have Found A Place had opened my eyes, it hadn’t quite opened my heart to the trope. The fanfic had encouraged me to try other F/F Omegaverse stories. And some were waaaay more graphic than others. There was no way I was going to burn in Hell for reading them because I was already burning up from the explicit content.

At first, the g!p content was confusing and left me with questions about F/F, about the Clexa fandom, about who is reading g!p, and even questioning myself. Am I still a lesbian? Was I ever truly a lesbian? πŸ€―πŸ€” Needless to say, my boundaries were tested. I started doing research and got friendly with the Kinsey Scale. Finally, I was like: “Self, you are a cis queer woman who likes some penis, on a woman.” And so I was good with that. As one of my readers once said to me, g!p just started working for me one day.

I am not a shamed to say that I started reading a shit ton of fanfics with F/F Omegaverse content. I was checking every fandom I loved for any F/F Omegaverse – The 100, Supergirl, Xena, Once Upon a Time, The Legend of Korra, Wonder Woman, and later on She-Ra.

Then one day, I started my first F/F Omegaverse fanfic about Lexa & Clarke. It was about eight or so chapters deep before I stopped and focused on publishing, not F/F Omegaverse. I tried traditional lesfic first (more on that later). It went okay, buuuut just okay is not okay. At some point, I discovered that M/F and M/M Omegaverse books were a thing. But there was no F/F Omegaverse books that I could find. Say what? F/F Omegaverse is a big success in fanfic but not in publishing? Needless to say, I took a leap of faith and never looked back in regret.

So why do I love F/F Omegaverse?

It’s the idea of an unbreakable union between true mates. It’s that self-assured, strong female Alpha. It’s even the gentle but resilient Omega. Then those baser needs like scenting, rumbling, growling, and biting are exciting. And of course, the g!p adds (not takes away) a new dimension to F/F sex. Yes, both female characters can still do all the same things in the bedroom as before but now there’s some extra action. πŸ”₯

So that’s why I’m in it… for the Alpha, the Omega, and their true mate bond that involves a bit of possession, a lot of sex, and happily ever.

And that’s my story. If you have your own story about how you fell for F/F Omegaverse, drop a comment or shoot me a DM about why you enjoy it. Because I do love learning how others had their F/F Omegaverse cherry popped. πŸ’

8 thoughts on “Why I Love F/F Omegaverse”

  1. It was your books that introduced the F/F Omegaverse to me. I love that you have done that because I have always had this niggling in the back of my mind about this. I could never put it to words, but there was always something there that said there could be more. You have done that. I hope you keep writing more stories in the F/F Omegaverse even after you finish the series with Kal and Charlie. You have created something special.

    1. Melinda – I certainly plan to go as far as possible with F/F Omegaverse. There’s so much to explore and write about with the trope. Plus I can’t help world building and immersing in a new place. I’m happy you found it and are enjoying the Kal & Charlie. Thank you for the feedback about your F/F Omegaverse experience. 🧑

  2. Like many others I’m sure, I discovered F/F Omegaverse with your books and became a fan immediatly.
    When “Dancing in the Darkness” first arrived on Amazon and I read “F/F Omegaverse” on the cover I was instantly curious and google searched it. The G!p didn’t bother me (I read other books where one of the MC had a girl penis or something of the sort – not of this trope – so I wasn’t caught of guard) but it was the supernatural bond between the MC that drew me in – the almost soul-mate feeling to it.
    After reading your books I started looking for similar trope in published books and I couldn’t find any (I was quite sad at this point). But some time after that, a few started to get out so I think you opened the door for others authors who either didn’t know about this trope or maybe didn’t think it was publishable, so I am grateful you took this first step ….
    BTW: I love your books and hope to read many more of your books in the future

    1. Hey Alexandra – Sorry I missed your comment! I guess I was too caught up with editing/publishing this past month & half.

      That is interesting that you’ve read other books with g!p content. I wasn’t really aware of it (in published books) until more recently. But you’re right that there isn’t much in the way of published F/F Omegaverse. There’s basically two other books by two other authors that I’m aware of. Maybe there will be more authors in the future. πŸ™

      Thank you for reading my books and giving them a chance! I hope to be writing & publishing Omegaverse for a long time. 🧑

  3. With me was the same, the only difference is that I know what fic introduced me to omegaverse (it was a clexa fanfic Attempting To Move Forward
    ComicBookGeek1818), because I left a comment asking where I could learn more about this setting, this new subgenre of fantasy, and the author answered me with an ao3 link, a few people already wrote on ao3 their own versions of how omegaverse world and biology work, and it gave me a good understanding about what was all that.
    I already knew the term g!p because of glee (that fandom was crazy and have crazy kinks, sometimes I think nothing will be more crazy than glee-kinky-meme) but the pheromones, scenting, knotting, was all new and it became my guilty pleasure. I always liked fantasy so no news that I’d really enjoy this new one. I liked so much I did a tumblr exclusively about female alphas and f/f omegaverse.
    For me abo is the perfect match between smut and feelings.
    *I hope my english was OK, prepositions are always tricky for me πŸ₯°πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

    1. Hey Kass – Thank you for your story about F/F Omegaverse. Your English was great too, btw!

      It’s interesting to hear how each person came across the trope. There’s so much of it in fanfiction, and I wish there was more of F/F Omegaverse in books. Hopefully later down the road it’ll happen. I agree that F/F Omegaverse can have a wonderful balance of smut, feelings, and even adventure. 😍

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