Of Iron and Gold

by Lexa Luthor
Prequel Book in The Kingdoms of Gyldren Series

Princess Kinsey has been given four Alpha slaves, and she must choose one to impregnate her.

Aubrey, a She-Alpha, was sold into slavery at an early age due to her misunderstood “degenerate” nature. Trapped in the Tharnstone Castle, Aubrey has a chance to win her freedom, if she can show her Alpha’s worthiness and be chosen to impregnate the princess. But when she learns the Alpha will be forbidden to see the child, she considers the real cost of freedom.

Kinsey will one day be the Omega queen of her father’s kingdom, but first she must provide an heir for the House of Wymarc. All she must do is pick an Alpha, despite her aversion towards them. But she soon discovers there’s more to some Alphas, than the volatile, dull beasts she’s used to.

Now, the choice isn’t so simple.

This book contains G!P material* as well as intimate scenes not suitable for any reader under the age of eighteen. G!P is an abbreviation for “girl penis.” Check the author’s blog to learn more about F/F Omegaverse and related terms like G!P and fempreg.

Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance
Tags: F/F Omegaverse, Royalty & Nobility, HEA, G!P, Fempreg, Knotting
Length: 63,000 words

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Narrated by Alexandria Wilde
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The Kingdoms of Gyldren Series

Praise for Of Iron and Gold

This was pretty H.O.T.!
I still very much enjoyed this and would highly suggest not reading this in public or on a work break. I think fans of Luthor are going to be happy with this book.

-Lex Kent, Reviewer for LezReviewBooks.com

“Come for the beautiful cover, stay for the transcendent queer-themed love story. The setup itself is fairly unusual for omegaverse, with the Alpha being a slave and the Omega a princess.”

Lianyu Tan, Author of Captive in the Underworld

“This is a great title for a great book. It is wonderful and burning hot read that I didn’t want to put on the nightstand to go to sleep. I really enjoyed the dynamics in this book between the alpha-slave and the omega-princess.”

-Karin A., of Karin’s Lesfic Bookblog

“This story is so awesome! I loved the chemistry between Aubrey and Kinsey and just devoured the book.


“I won’t be able to write a review good enough but I’m gonna try. The book was excellent. Hot as hell, twists I didn’t see coming, a perfect Alpha AND an excellent Omega, something that surprised me greatly because usually these kind of characters don’t have a huge focus in them or they aren’t that important.
Not here!!”


I mean…
I’ll try to think of more words. Wow. For real though, I may have found a new favourite author!

TJ Dallas, Author of The Pride Trilogy