Of Wulf and Wynd

Part 3: The Sword of White Sommer

Book 1 from The Kingdoms of Gyldren

Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance
Length: 100,000 words
Tags: F/F Omegaverse, Royalty & Nobility, HEA, G!P, Fempreg, & Knotting

Part 3, The Sword of White Sommer, from the book Of Wulf and Wynd! Releasing in 2022. Please check back after the release of Part 2 for more details.

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This book contains g!p material* as well as intimate scenes not suitable for any reader under the age of eighteen. G!p is an abbreviation for “girl penis.” Check the author’s blog to learn more about F/F Omegaverse and related terms like g!p and fempreg.

The Kingdoms of Gyldren Series

Explore the Kingdoms of White Sommer & Wyndfeld

The Kingdom of White Sommer and the Kingdom of Wyndfeld have been united for many centuries. The cold kingdoms’ breed hardy citizens and honorable kings through the ages.

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