The Iron Edge

by Lexa Luthor
Standalone Novel

Spartan warrior, Halcyon, has always placed duty above all else – until one day her true nature as an Omega undoes everything.

Thora is a gorgeous female Alpha slave with foreign features, capturing the attention of Halcyon, who must have her. Like all Alphas, Thora is prideful and thinks an Omega owner will be manageable. She soon discovers that Halcyon is far more than a simple Omega, but rather a warrior, a legend, and the perfect mate to Thora’s Alpha.

For Halcyon, she has dedicated her life towards duty for Sparta, for the military, and for her mate. She has always dreamt of dying in battle with glory and honor for Sparta. That is until her Omega is stirred to life by Thora, triggering Halcyon’s first heat in over a decade. Unable to deny each other, their intense mating brings both life and changes, but at a price. Can Halcyon have both duty and love or will she be forced to choose only one?

This book contains g!p material* as well as intimate scenes not suitable for any reader under the age of eighteen. G!p is an abbreviation for “girl penis.” Check the author’s blog to learn more about F/F Omegaverse and related terms like g!p and fempreg.

Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
Tags: F/F Omegaverse, Age Gap, Ancient Greece, G!P, E!C, Heat, Rutting, Nesting, Knotting, Fempreg, HEA
Words: 90,000+ words


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