Omegaverse Explained

So exactly what is this Omegaverse thing? Well, sit down and let me tell you a short story…

Omegaverse (sometimes called A/B/O or A/O) is a special type of literary trope that is considered a kink and erotica material. It originated in the fanfiction world, specifically the Supernatural fandom and has spread far & wide (pun intended) since then.

Now the trope itself can have slight variations according to the writer’s preference, but there are still general characteristics that make up the Omegaverse trope. From canine influences, the trope consists of a hierarchical society broken in two or three stations known as Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. All individuals are governed by their natural need to reproduce through things like scenting, biting, knotting, and mating.

For the Alphas, they are typically large in size with dominant, aggressive personalities and usually knot into their mate to impregnate them. Sometimes they can only knot when they are in a rut (heat).

For the Beta, they are one step below an Alpha in the hierarchical system. Usually they closely resemble a human and can often impregnate and mate Omegas or another Beta.

Finally is the Omega, who tends to be at the bottom of the pecking order. They are usually smaller in size and gentler but still fierce when it comes to their mate and children. Typically an Omega goes into heat, which can be at random, spurred by an Alpha, or at regular intervals but when in heat, their need for sex controls them. Once they are mated to one person then it is for life. Bonds between an Omega and Alpha are considered special and unbreakable.

You can learn a lot more about the Omegaverse trope over at the Fanlore website. Direct link to the article is at…

Now, if you’d like to learn specifically how Female/Female (F/F) pairing works in Omegaverse then pop over to my blog post titled “F/F Omegaverse” for details. 😈

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  1. Hi i have a question, I usually read that 2nd gender are manifested to be determined while growing up and not born with. So what happens to female alpha they grow male part in childhood or while growing up??

    1. Hey Genuinely curious – So great question! The quick and dirty response is that it depends on the writer’s world build. I have seen it handled a few different ways. In F/F Omegaverse fanfiction, a lot of the writers set it up so that the alphas and omegas learn about their nature when they hit puberty. An example would be that a female alpha has traditional genitalia of a female, but then she hits her first rut and she grows a penis, usually from the clitoris. Often times the first rut is comparable to going through puberty. From there, the female alpha may retain her penis permanently or it may “unswell” and return to a clitoris. There again, it depends on the world build.

      For my book series, there are minor variations. In the Alpha God series, the Carnec Alpha (i.e. female Alpha) is born with her penis and her vagina. So from birth, everyone knows they’re a Carnec Alpha. However, the world build for the book series adds in that a Carnec Alpha (or Carnec Omega i.e. male Omega), is only born to twins. There’s one pup who is the primary and then the other twin pup is the secondary. So when a primary twin pup is a (female) Omega, then the secondary pup will automatically be a Carnec (female) Alpha. The other side of the coin is if the primary pup is an (male) Alpha, then the secondary pup will be a Carnec (male) Omega.

      With the other book series, the female alphas (and male omegas) are also born with all their genitalia (rather than having it show up later in life). However, in this case, there’s some gray area upon their birth about whether they’re a female alpha or a male omega until they mature later and have breasts (or none) and scent markers. In the first book, the female Alpha’s name is Aubrey, which is a male name. She was given that name under the hope she was be a male omega. Also, in the book series’s world build, the female Alphas and male Omegas are considered “degenerates” and many believe that a “degenerate” will only conceive more “degenerates” there by diluting the population.

      Phew. So that’s the sum of it that I can think of at the moment. Hopefully the detailed explanation wasn’t too long! 😊

  2. I am just getting into your books and have read a couple so far. I have been seriously enjoying them and thank you very much!

    1. Thank you, Laurie for giving my books a chance! I know F/F Omegaverse is a bit different so it always means a lot when someone tries it. I’m excited to hear that you’ve been enjoying the stories too. Give a shout anytime if you have questions or anything else. 🧑

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