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F/F Omegaverse Books

Similar to my F/F Omegaverse Fanfiction Recs, I'll do my best to keep track of any F/F Omegaverse Books. This list will also include F/F Omegaverse-ish books that are not specifically Omegaverse but toe the trope's line. Please check back for updates and also feel free to shoot me a message if you come across… Continue reading F/F Omegaverse Books

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F/F Omegaverse Fanfiction Recs

Similar to my F/F Omegaverse Books post, I have a nice list of recommendations for F/F Omegaverse Fanfictions. There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing F/F Omegaverse fanfictions that can be found at the Archive of Our Own (AO3) and Down below is just a short list of ones that I have read and… Continue reading F/F Omegaverse Fanfiction Recs


So, is it really F/F?

When it comes to F/F Omegaverse, I think the biggest question surrounding F/F Omegaverse is whether or not it really qualifies as F/F.... or Lesfic.... or WLW. It's probably the most important question that a reader can ask themselves when considering whether to read F/F Omegaverse. And I'm here to tell you that there's no… Continue reading So, is it really F/F?