So, is it really F/F?

When it comes to F/F Omegaverse, I think the biggest question surrounding F/F Omegaverse is whether or not it really qualifies as F/F…. or Lesfic…. or WLW. It’s probably the most important question that a reader can ask themselves when considering whether to read F/F Omegaverse. And I’m here to tell you that there’s no quick answer. But I will do my best to help guide you on determining if Omegaverse might be for you, especially when it comes to my books.

In this post, I’ll be using the terms:
-M/F: Male/Female
-F/F: Female/Female
-Lesfic: Lesbian Fiction
-WLW: Women Loving Women
-G!p: Girl Penis

So, the elephant in the F/F Omegaverse room is the girl penis content and if that makes it more M/F versus F/F. For some people, having g!p content automatically means it’s not F/F. But for some others, it doesn’t mean that at all. Then for a few other readers, they’re just unsure or undecided and might be curious.

First though, we should dig into the essence of Omegaverse as a trope and one of the core elements that makes it Omegaverse. In the trope, the Alpha and Omega are animal-like, which includes fulfilling the need to reproduce (this need varies in degree according to the author). For an Alpha that means impregnating, knotting, and marking the Omega, who has an ingrained need to have offspring with an Alpha. It sounds totally archaic and even sexist. Maybe so! But it’s what makes the trope. And for the Alpha, they (usually) need a penis to be able to impregnate, knot, and (scent) mark an Omega.

But doesn’t that make it M/F now? Wellll, not exactly…

In many ways, we touch into current real-world discussions about sex vs gender. We’re biologically determined as a sex such as female, male, or intersex. But with gender, that is something much more personal about how an individual perceives themselves. For F/F Omegaverse, we can apply both topics to the female Alpha.

With sex, the female Alpha often (but not always) has both female and male reproductive systems. Each Omegaverse author puts their own spin on the female Alpha’s anatomy. The variations may include the female Alpha having a penis full time, magically having a penis only during ruts, or even both a clit & penis where the penis retracts. In my series, The Alpha God, the female Alpha named Kal has a penis full time, internal testes, breasts, no clitoris, vaginal opening, and fully functional reproductive systems of both a male & female. When it comes to Kal’s physical attributes, she is described as having long, dark hair, feminine facial features, around seven feet tall, and a very muscular build.

On the obverse side of the coin, the Alpha’s gender is another topic. Generally speaking, Omegaverse authors consider their female Alphas just that, a female. The female Alpha character herself typically identifies as a female in the story. Usually the pronouns used to describe the female Alpha are she and her. In The Alpha God series, Kal has never stated her gender and that mostly has to do with her being another (alien) species where they don’t use male or female. She sees herself as an Alpha and a rare breed called a Carnec Alpha. However, the books are told from the point of view of a female human. Charlie, the female human, views Kal as a female and throughout the book uses she/her pronouns to describe Kal.

Okay so does all this really mean that a female Alpha is actually a female? Maybe the female Alpha is kinda like a female with a strap-on on all the time? Also maybe the female Alpha is non-binary? Or maybe the female Alpha is… Well, we could keep going on with the debate.

In the end, the real answer is that it’s in the eyes of the reader.

Each reader has a different view point, comfort level, and what kind of content they like to read. When it comes to the female Alpha, it’s up to you, as the reader, to determine whether or not you believe that a female Alpha can fit into the scope of F/F, Lesfic, or WLW. But hopefully this blog post can help you understand what a female Alpha is, or could be, so that you can decide whether you’d enjoy reading stories about female Alphas.

I truly hope this post helps someone decide whether to dive into F/F Omegaverse. Please remember, my door is always open for discussions and questions about Omegaverse. You can drop me a DM via email, Twitter, or Facebook.


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