Dancing in the Darkness

Book 1 from The Alpha God Series

Genre: Sci-fi Erotic Romance
Length: 52,000 words
Tags: F/F Omegaverse, G!P, Cliffhanger

Charlie is called back to her childhood planet for a rescue mission that becomes puzzling. Not only is the mission mysterious but so is the planet’s ruler, a female Alpha named Kal.

Charlie, an indignant human raised on Kander during the civil war, is beckoned back after she escaped as a teen. Needing money and a job more than her pride, Charlie is hired to retrieve a kidnapped Omega that was taken off-world. Charlie and her mercenary team work with Kal in preparation of their mission. Together, she and Kal form a plan, however, Charlie soon learns intimate details about Kal’s rare nature as a “female” Alpha.

As Charlie and her team embark on the journey to rescue the Omega, they are faced with startling questions about the true motives behind the kidnapping. It was supposed to be just another job, but when Charlie starts to give a damn about both the missing Omega and the enigmatic Alpha ruler, it leaves her in the crossfire.

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This book contains g!p material* as well as intimate scenes not suitable for any reader under the age of eighteen. G!p is an abbreviation for “girl penis.” Check the author’s blog to learn more about F/F Omegaverse and related terms like g!p and fempreg.

The Alpha God Series

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Book Reviews

What Readers Are Saying

“And let me make this very clear, Luthor knows how to write steamy sex scenes. There are never enough good new sci-fi books out, so this was a real treat.”

-Lex Kent, Reviewer for LezReviewBooks.com

“This is a fantastic series, and I’m a big fan of it and of Lexa Luther. The characters are complex and engaging. The world is well thought out, built, and articulated.”


“This was my first F/F omegaverse novel and I am pleasantly surprised. I really like Luthor’s writing style. Loved it and I immediately picked up book two: Come to my Door.

-Karin A., of Karin’s Lesfic Bookblog

The plot is well conceived, beautifully written and executed, the writing style is seamless and the story flows well engaging the reader and causing an engagement with a text. I couldn’t put it down and was left wanting more at the end.”


This story was a thrilling ride with combat action, flight action, bedroom action mixed with a hint of sarcasm and sweetness. If you enjoy sci-fi erotica, then check this whole series out.”

Char Dafoe, Author of Kitten

I wanted to read something new that had more escapism than a regular romance, but was still hot as all hell, and wow, this book delivered! I loved all the characters, but especially Kal and Charlie.”

TJ Dallas, Author of The Pride Trilogy

“This book is amazing. I had never heard of Omegaverse before this book, and I had to do a little research. This is well written and easy to follow along.


“Luthor first novel is well written, plotted and imagined world. The characters are three dimensional and not cookie cutter.


“I love this book! The characters, the story, the dialogue all works together to form a fantastic tale. I will be suggesting this book to all my friends!