Some of us know about the Omegaverse trope and some may have never heard of it. If it’s new to you then I suggest hopping over to my other blog post titled “Omegaverse Explained” to get a quick briefing before you read this post.

For those ready to get into the best part of Omegaverse, this is it. Similar to the M/M and M/F pairings’ journey, F/F also originated in the fanfiction fandoms and is now moving into the publishing market. And we’ll start with what makes F/F different than the other types.

First is the Omegas…
This one is easy. Typically the Omegas are divided between “male” and “female” versions. The “male” variant has both male (sometimes limited) and female reproductive abilities and yes, can become pregnant. The “female” version strictly has a female reproduction system.

In the F/F, the Omega is always the “female” variant.

Second is the Alpha…
Now things get complicated so bear with. Just like the Omega, the Alphas have both “male” and “female” versions. For the “male”, they are similar to male humans in anatomy except they often have a larger penis and form a knot at the base, for mating their partner. Now for the “female”, there are a wide variety of variations but the most common is that they typically have some form of a penis and able to impregnate their partner.

In the F/F, the Alpha is nearly always the “female” variant. But let’s get into the nitty gritty details on the “female” Alpha.

Again there are lots of variations on how an author describes a “female” Alpha. But often times the “female” Alpha has a vagina and an internal, retractable penis that grows during arousal then will retract after mating. Their testicles are internal. Another version is that they have no penis but a “member” that swells from the clit itself.

A third version is that the “female” Alpha always has a penis, like the “male” Alphas. Depending on the writer, the “female” Alpha’s penis by be smaller than a “male” Alpha.

One other important feature is whether or not a “female” Alpha can or can’t get pregnant themselves. Most times the answer is no. But in some versions, it is possible but highly risky.

Last Important Topic… Terms!
A lot of these terms are commonly found throughout the Omegaverse. First three terms are specifically related to F/F Omegaverse.

  • F/F: Female/Female pairing.
  • Fempreg (fpreg): Short for female pregnancy. A female character becomes pregnant due to F/F sex.
  • G!P: Short for “girl penis”, which denotes that a feminine character has a penis.
  • Knotting: When the Alpha forms a ring or knot at the base of their penis then pushes it into the Omega, locking them together for a period of time.
  • Marking or Bonding Bite: A permanent bite mark on an Alpha or Omega’s lower neck that marks them as mated.
  • Heat: An intense sexual urge for Omegas. They are overwhelmed with the need to mate and become pregnant. Heats can last for several days and occur occasionally or be triggered by an Alpha.
  • Rut: An intense sexual urge for Alphas. Similar to Omegas, an Alpha is driven to mate and impregnate an Omega. Ruts last for days and occur occasionally or can be triggered by an Omega. Alphas tend to be extra aggressive during a rut.
  • Nesting: At times, Omegas are written as nesters where they create a nest, usually blankets, where they’re safe and comfortable. It can also mean they’re preparing to get pregnant and have a baby.
  • Pup: Another word for a baby or child.
  • Mpreg: Short for “male pregnancy”. Typically this is a “male” Omega that becomes pregnant.
  • Slick: A clear substance that an Omega (and sometimes Alphas) secrete during sex that acts as a lubricant.
  • Dubcon: Short for “dubious consent” and refers to sexual consent being unclear and is left ambiguous.

5 thoughts on “F/F Omegaverse & Terms

    1. Yes. There is M/F and M/M Omegaverse as well. Most, but not all, M/F Omegaverse tends to be dark romance i.e. dubious consent (dub-con) and non-consent (non-con). Some also get into RH (reverse harem) trope. For M/F Omegaverse, I know of Zoey Ellis, Nora Ash, Eva Dresden, Merel Pierce, Liv Lane, Leann Ryans, and loads more I’m certain. Unfortunately, I can’t recc any as I don’t read much in M/F Omegaverse. But I will recommend to make sure you double-check whether or not the books are dub-con or non-con before reading them, in case that’s not your cup of tea. If you go to Amazon, searched: M/F Omegaverse

      Hope that helps! ☺


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