Notable Shifter PNR Books

There are a few different paranormal romance novels out there that contain elements similar to F/F Omegaverse. I recommend giving them a read if you enjoy F/F Omegaverse and G!P.


G!P = Girl Penis
E!C = Enlarged Clitoris
Dub-con = Dubious consent

The Beast of Her Dreams by Naomi Piper
F/F Paranormal Erotica
Tags: Hyena Shifter, G!P

Midnight Hunters Series by L.L. Raand (Radclyffe)
F/F Paranormal Romance – 8 books
Tags: Wolf Shifter, Fempreg, E!C

Wolfgang County Series by Jenny Frame
F/F Paranormal Romance – 2 books
Tags: Wolf Shifter, Fempreg, E!C

Claimed by Willard Stein
F/F Paranormal Romance – Ongoing series
Tags: Wolf Shifter, Dub-con(?), implied G!P, Fempreg

Rise of the Battlebitch by Drace Domino
F/F Fantasy Romance (Minor Sci-fi) – Ongoing series
Tags: G!P, HEA, Comedy, Adventure, Mature Content

Last updated: April 21, 2023

14 thoughts on “Notable Shifter PNR Books”

  1. Oh … great idea. I was not familiar with the Omegaverse world, and I have been specifically fascinated by F / F Omegaverse-ish. I want to read more about G! P, E! C and Fempreg. And a suggestion from the dread cooker would be wonderful. Thanks in advance. Fabulous reading that you have given me with your books … thanks for them.

      1. Mmmm no, the sex scenes aren’t explicit, but they are okay, and yes it has fempreg but that´s a BIG spoiler i am sorry.

  2. The fanfic section is hyper good … but in Venezuela we have a problem (besides the government) that the power goes out a lot. (because of the government) It doesn’t give me a chance to read it online … but I definitely have to do something to be able to read it. I got hooked on this new world. Thanks for introducing me.
    Maria; Claimed seems quite interesting, plus it’s Stein Willard that sets off my Good Book alarms. I hope I can have it so that I can translate it and read it soon.
    P.D: For the spoilers no problem. I’m the one to read the end of a book to see if it’s worth it, so spoilers only increase my curiosity. ; )

  3. Another book (novella) that is F/F Omegaverse “Alpha and Omega: The Lioness Claims a Mate” by Leona McNeely & Rebel Carter with g!p content. It is part of a series with a plot that continue through the series with the first and third books M/F (same couple in the two books) and this one (the second of the series). Meaning if the authors stay on this path, the fourth book should be another F/F book, a sequel for this one.

  4. I’ve read most of Lilith Arezo writing which is excellent. It may have a few editing mistakes but her story are really good cause she give you both the sex and a plot it makes for interesting reading 💯😈😈
    Example series:
    A Hot Wife Futa take down
    Tales of a Time Traveling Futa
    My Sexy Futa series (12)
    Pillaged Virtue

    1. I did see she has quite a few books in her catalogue. She labels those as futa or futanari rather than Omegaverse. The tropes have a few similarities but still fairly different too. Hopefully readers read all her books. 🥰

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