Music Contest

Contest Giveaway for Book 4
Collecting Stars

To celebrate the upcoming release of Book 4 from The Alpha God series, I’m holding another fun music contest for readers.

As fans of the series know, Charlie, the Galaxy Master, is a music lover, like most Earthlings. It’s her way of relaxing, having fun, and landing the shuttle perfectly, sometimes. Similar to the prior books, Collecting Stars will feature songs that are important to Charlie. And like the last time, readers get a chance to submit a song to be featured in Book 4 and win a free ebook copy.

To Enter

To enter, contestants MUST BE a newsletter subscriber, select one song, and submit the title & artist to me between Sept 12th and Sept 16th, 2029 at 9:00 PM EST. Please send your submission through the form down below.

A Few Basic Rules…

  1. Your song selection must fall within the genre of pop, pop alternative, pop country, rock, soft rock, folk rock, dance, classic hits, and Oldies including 1960s or newer.
  2. Your song cannot be from January 2019 or forward.
  3. Contestant must use their newsletter subscriber email.
  4. Your song cannot be submitted through other mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, etc.
  5. Only one song per contestant.
  6. Contestant may change their single song entry twice, up to Sept 16, 2020 6:00 PM EST.
  7. If a contestant does not adhere to a rule, they will be notified and able to make any necessary corrections.

Winners Announcement

I will email the winners directly. Winners’ songs will be announced through the newsletter on or about Sept 18th. eBook prizes will be distributed on Sept 29, 2020, as early as possible.

I can’t wait to announce the winners ❗

The music contest has closed as of September 16, 2020. Winners will be announced on the newsletter on Sept 17th or Sept 18th.

Thank you! ❤️