Kingdoms of White Sommer & Wyndfeld Map

Welcome to the Kingdom of White Sommer and the Kingdom of Wyndfeld! For many centuries, these two kingdoms have been united together and forged a lasting relationship, until more recently. Despite their differences, each kingdom has their strengths, and weaknesses.

The Kingdom of White Sommer is landlocked and located in the cold, northern region of Gyldren. It is ruled by the House of Blakesley, an old royal family that has only ever bred hardy Alphas and devoted Omegas. There are many legends that the House of Blakesley has wolf’s blood in their line, which emerges each generation in one Alpha known as the Black Wulf. Like the ruling house, the kingdom’s people are resilient and hardworking, both as gold miners and tree loggers.

Contrasting to White Sommer, the Kingdom of Wyndfeld is a coastal kingdom in the north with several harbors. However, the kingdom is divided in half by a long stretching mountain range known as the White Razor Mountains. The ruling family, the House of Arrington, has also been ruling their kingdom for many centuries. However, the House of Arrington is often viewed as more refined due to their social graces with other ruling Houses. The kingdom’s loyal citizens are best known for farming, fishing, and herding.

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