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Chapter 1

Charlie,” Kal whispered with thunder and heat in her voice.

Charlie stood before the Alpha and searched the dark ashen eyes above her. Her skin was hot and itchy, her clothing confining. As she inhaled, she swore Kal reminded her of warm autumn spices, and it excited her blood to the point that she wanted to strip. Instead, she adjusted the heavy saddlebags on her right shoulder and hoped she didn’t drop them with her shaking frame. For a moment she was unsure whether she would be invited into the cabin or rejected. She clutched the bags’ leather tighter as she waited for Kal to make the final decision.

Kal remained poised in the doorway, filling it with her brawny body. She was breathing heavily and gripping the door with white knuckles, as she seemed to struggle with her inner Alpha. Although she only wore a breast wrap and loose, black bottoms, sweat was beaded along her brow.

Charlie used all her willpower to not look below Kal’s waistline where she imagined there was already an erection. As a kid, she heard many tall tales about Alphas in ruts, but now she wondered if there was truth behind them. She cleared her throat, swallowed once, and did her best to remain silent, knowing Kal was in charge.

“You should not be here.”

Charlie bit her lip and withheld a moan at how Kal’s voice rumbled and called to Charlie. She struggled not to shove Kal into the cabin and tear both their clothes off. Such a strong need to have sex had never existed in Charlie’s life until today. Her mind was growing fuzzier with each tick, but she took a deep breath and focused herself a bit longer. “I’m where I should be.” When Kal narrowed her eyes, Charlie whispered, “You need me.” A shiver raced down her spine after Kal’s deep growl, but it wasn’t threatening. “And honestly—” She hesitated, feeling the truth heavy on her chest. “—I need to be with you.”

Kal shifted closer, pressing their bodies together.

Charlie almost dropped the saddlebags after Kal’s noticeable erection pushed against her stomach. She couldn’t fight her needy moan this time. She stiffened when Kal bent over her, nose brushing near her ear, then decided this was her last chance to nudge Kal over the edge. “I won’t leave. I can’t leave.” She closed her eyes while Kal breathed in her scent, savoring the sweet smell. “I know you’re in pain. Let me help you.” At the thought of Kal’s misery, her chest strained and eyes stung. “Krafka, Sumner.” Her shoulders sagged with each heartbeat; but then the weight vanished.

Kal had taken the saddlebags and stepped aside for her lover, inviting her into the cabin.

Still trembling, Charlie entered the cozy interior that wasn’t much larger than Kal’s quarters in the Great Tower. She noticed the lit fireplace and a long sofa with a wooden table in front of it. Her attention skipped to the oversized bed beside a window. To the right was a basic kitchen with all the necessities to be comfortable for noreds in the woodlands. Between the kitchen and bedroom space, a closed door probably led to a washroom, and Charlie suspected there was an outhouse somewhere on the property.

“Did you come here alone?”

Charlie faced her lover and replied, “Ja. Only Dorlon knows I’m here.” She waited for any recognition in Kal’s features about Dorlon knowing they were lovers. If Kal pieced it together, it didn’t seem to matter. All that stood before her was a rutting Alpha who wanted to mate her.

Kal set the saddlebags down on a wooden bench beside the closed door. She approached Charlie again with arousal etched on her face. In their previous liaisons, Charlie had felt Kal’s cravings buried under the layers, but tonight was different. Kal’s face was open and raw with hunger, which made Charlie’s heart jump. As Kal made a grab for her, Charlie stumbled back and held up her hands. She promised Dorlon she’d have Kal take the medicine. But Kal’s only purpose was to knot and mate Charlie, for life.

“Wait, wait.” Charlie clenched her teeth when Kal snarled at her. “Just listen to me for a tick.” She was forced back another step as the Alpha advanced on her. “I have medicine with me that can help block some of the rut’s effects on you. You’ll be able to think clearer and have more control.”

Kal narrowed her eyes, her lips curling to reveal her canines.

Charlie grumbled at her inability to reason with Kal, who lunged at her. She sidestepped Kal and continued holding her hands up. “Please, Sumner.”

“You came to give me suppressants?”

Charlie lowered her hands, and a blade lanced her heart. “I came… for you,” she whispered, crumbling at the mixed message she was sending Kal. “If you’re gone for a nineth, then your people will notice.” Kal paused and she sensed she was getting through on some level. “I don’t want you to take the blocker, because I’m selfish and want you just for myself.”

Kal straightened. “Blocker?”

“It’s different from a suppressant. It’s taken after a rut has started. The blocker won’t stop the rut, but it’ll make it bearable.” Charlie held her ground, relieved Kal was listening to her. “Take some of the pain away.”

Shaking her head, Kal refocused on Charlie and pursued her again. “Mating you will take the pain away.”

This time Charlie didn’t run and was grabbed by her lover, but she pressed a hand against Kal’s heated chest. As in her earlier dream, her palm was coated in moisture from the rut’s increased body temperature. She felt like she was being held by an ember, and the heat radiated through her clothes. “Ja, it will. But your people need you.”

“They can survive a nineth without me,” Kal hissed, lowering her head.

“Until they find out you’ve knotted and mated a human,” Charlie whispered, nuzzling Kal’s temple. She wanted to give in, slide her hand over muscles until she could clutch the hard penis, and allow Kal to take her to bed for as long as they pleased. Her body hummed with desire, nearly overwhelming her rational thought.

“You don’t wish to be mated, at least by me.” Kal’s rumbling voice held accusation in it. She attempted to straighten up until Charlie cupped her flushed cheeks and pressed their foreheads together.

“I-I-I want that.” Charlie squeezed her eyes shut and trembled from her confession. Being mated in the Kalmar culture was binding for life. It was more difficult to break than a legal marriage back on Earth. “I do want that with you.” She swept Kal’s wild, dark strands behind one ear. “But I know how important your people are to you and what you’ve sacrificed for them. I know what our mating would do to your people.” She pulled her head back and gazed into blown pupils. “It’s your choice. But if you mate me, I will take you off this planet rather than stand by and watch you be killed.” She shook her head and whispered, “Screw them all.”

In those dark eyes, she watched an awareness come to life, and she already knew the outcome. As Kal made her decision, Charlie held back her tears.

“Give me the blocker.”

Charlie nodded and gathered her strength before breaking their contact. She went to the saddlebags to retrieve the two purple pills from a container, then glanced at the Red Cherry Ring she’d transferred from her duffle bags when she left Tarrak. Her fingers brushed over it, but she left it alone and returned to her lover.

Kal was seated on the sofa and bent forward. Her features were twisted while her trembling hand rested against her clenched stomach. All of her exposed skin glistened in the firelight, which caused Charlie to whimper. She lifted her head when Charlie offered her the pills.

After Kal swallowed the pills without any liquid, Charlie sat down and said, “It’ll take several hours for the blocker to work through your system and kick in.” She hoped for the planet’s sake that the blocker worked. As she traced her fingertips along Kal’s bicep, she said, “I can help you with your pain until then.” The selfish, needy part of her wished the medication was useless with Kal’s biology. She feared that the Alpha was already being pushed back by the blocker and that Kal would refuse her. But then, dark eyes stared at her, reading into her spirit. The same string from earlier become taut around Charlie, cutting and seeping pain from her bones.

Kal stood, then reached behind her back to free the black wrap from her chest.

Charlie ogled at the muscles flexing along Kal’s back, until the wetness between her legs made her follow Kal’s example. She whimpered after getting the leather jacket off, tossing it to the floor, then removing her boots and socks. With some control, she was careful to put the belt with the attached lectra gun onto the fur in front of the fireplace. She glanced over at Kal and faltered at seeing the nude Alpha.

Kal snarled at Charlie that prompted her to hurry up.

Throwing her underwear onto the pile of clothes, large strong hands snared Charlie and pushed her toward the sofa. She faced the furniture and dropped to her knees on the edge of the sofa. Clutching the couch’s back, she peered over her shoulder to see Kal stepping up behind her ass. Kal had once told her that the rut would make her penis thicker but not longer. At the moment, though, she had no chance to see for herself, and she shivered at the thought of taking it.

Being a human lover might catch up with me, she thought as the head of Kal’s cock kissed her opening. But Charlie convinced herself she could handle it, and she rocked her hips to encourage the Alpha to fuck her. “What are you waiting for?” she taunted, earning a growl before the pressure against her entrance spiked as the head surged into her. “Fuck!” she cried out from the sudden drive.

Kal bent over Charlie and twisted her fingers into her golden locks. She jerked Charlie’s head around, growling at her. “Mine,” she declared, staking her claim. Thrusting her hips forward, she drove her cock deeper into Charlie.

Clawing at the sofa, Charlie panted and prayed her heart didn’t burst. From the corner of her eye, sharp teeth reminded her that the Alpha ruled tonight, but Charlie wasn’t quite ready to give over everything. She loved challenging Kal’s Alpha until she had no choice but to submit. “Joh,” she said, hissing in protest. “I can still fuck who I want.” She grinned like the devil and provoked the Alpha with a last whisper. “Like Magnar.” Her entire body was wrenched up from the sofa back until her feet were on the sofa, and her twisted head was pressed against Kal’s chest. She shook against the muscular body wrapped around her, melting into the powerful hold.

“Did you fuck her?” Kal’s voice thundered through the cabin, and she dug her blunt nails into Charlie’s stomach.

“Do you smell her on me?” Charlie held a proud tone and saw Kal’s foot now on the sofa cushion, next to Charlie’s feet.

Kal tightened her grip on Charlie’s hair, making Charlie whimper. “You could have washed it away.” She trailed her hand downward until her fingertips grazed Charlie’s clit. “Did you fuck her?”

Stiff against Kal, Charlie bit her lip and gyrated her hips, then gasped at how Kal’s cock shifted in her. She wanted her clit rubbed more, but Kal denied her.

“Tell me,” Kal ordered, her breath hot against Charlie’s temple. She pulled her hips away, dragging her thick shaft through clenching walls.

Charlie moaned as she sensed the difference in girth, but she tensed when there was barely anything left in her. “I won’t.” She grabbed the muscular arm across her chest and clawed into the skin with both hands. She was unprepared for the sharp thrust back in and cried out.

Kal bowed her head, pressing her nose into Charlie’s damp temple. “Tell me now.” She pulled her hardened length out of Charlie and allowed the head to press against Charlie’s sensitive G-spot. “Or you can fuck yourself alone.” For emphasis, she edged her cock’s head out of Charlie’s entrance.

Leaning into Kal’s hold, Charlie whimpered and pleaded, “Please don’t.” She gasped when Kal nipped at her ear. “I need you inside me.” Her heart ached to be close to Kal like this.

“Then tell me,” Kal ordered, still firm. She rubbed her cock’s tip against Charlie’s G-spot, and a rumble vibrated in her chest.

“We didn’t,” Charlie whispered, coming undone for her lover. “She wanted to, but I told her joh.” Kal’s pleased growl excited her and caused wetness to rush out of her and coat Kal’s shaft. “She’s not you,” she confessed. “Nobody else is you.” She choked on her next breath as Kal’s hard length pushed into her and filled her again. “Oh fuck!”

Kal’s pace was slow, and she shifted her arms until she had a strong hold on Charlie. “Spread your legs.”

Knowing Kal could handle her weight, Charlie obeyed and gave Kal better access. She kept one hand on Kal’s forearm while she gripped Kal’s hip. Gazing down, she caught a glimpse of the enlarged cock protruding out of her. She wanted to grab it, find out firsthand its thickness. But already Kal was driving her hips, and Charlie cried out from the first thrust. The strong rhythm kept her screaming, and she tried opening her legs wider, needing all of it.

Kal moaned and growled with Charlie, pushing deeper each time. She had her head tilted back but lowered it and bit at Charlie’s throat.

Like Kal, Charlie wanted the permanent mark that signaled the Alpha’s claim over her. The idea that she was okay with it made her body slacken deeper into Kal’s hold. But they knew the consequences if they mated, even though it pained them both to hold back. Seeming to sense Charlie’s despair, Kal nuzzled her cheek and pumped her hips harder, pushing them closer to the edge.

Then the soft slaps grew louder, matching their cries. Charlie was startled and peered down at the hard length driving into her. She held her breath when nearly all of it buried into her, almost sending her into an orgasm. For the first time, Kal’s full length sank into her, at last. The beautiful sound of their skin slapping excited them both. At the base of Kal’s penis was a distinct, newly formed ring, and it knocked against Charlie’s entrance.

Charlie arched her back and bit her lip, holding back from begging for the knot. She had no idea if it could fit in her, but even attempting to be knotted could mean the end of Kal’s reign, perhaps her life. Kal’s very essence would be merged with Charlie’s own, and every Kalmar would smell it. Tears pricked behind her sealed eyelids, and she allowed Kal to make the final decision about their future.

Grunting and thrusting, Kal nipped at Charlie’s neck but held back from a true bite. She trembled and drove her hips hard, pushing them both into an orgasm. Aftershocks rolled through their joined bodies, and Charlie relied on Kal’s strength as she leaned back into her. It wasn’t until she felt the gentle licks against her nape that she opened her eyes. She noticed the dull pain at her neck but knew Kal hadn’t staked a final claim.

Reaching back, Charlie hooked Kal’s neck from behind and whispered, “I hope that’s not all you have in you.” She smirked at the threatening growl in her ear but lost her bravado when Kal’s hand snaked down her stomach and touched her clit. She rallied her stamina to keep up with an Alpha in rut.

Kal slid her other hand under Charlie’s neck and tilted her head back onto Kal’s shoulder. “It’s you that needs to keep up.” Her throaty chuckle shook both their bodies, and she continued massaging Charlie’s clit. All of her cock was still buried in Charlie, and she didn’t seem interested in pulling out.

Charlie ground her teeth and felt her gut clench in response to the teasing. Her fluttering walls were hugging the thick length in her. “Oh gods,” she whispered, her body flushed with arousal already. “That feels so good.” Sharp teeth nipped the top of her ear and sent shocks through her body. She rocked her hips that caused Kal to do the same. She hissed and moaned when the throbbing length stroked and teased her. But when Kal rolled her pulsing clit harder, Charlie clawed at any skin within reach. “Don’t stop.”

After a releasing Charlie’s ear, Kal whispered, “Come on me.” She pumped her hips once, encouraging Charlie to let go. Her finger applied just enough pressure and tipped Charlie into another orgasm.

Vuk!” Charlie bucked against the strong hand between her legs, dug her heels into the sofa, and pushed back against the Alpha’s frame. Slick wetness oozed free and coated the little bit of exposed shaft. She quivered a few times, then collapsed into the arms holding her body. Behind her, she listened to Kal’s heavy, deep groans, the Alpha still within Charlie’s silky insides, which were squeezing around her cock. She wondered if Kal was drained from holding them up, but they remained in the same position for several minutes.

Kal released a low chuff and breathed in deeply before lowering her leg from the sofa. With one hand between their bodies, she dragged the thick muscle out of Charlie, and they both groaned in protest. She then picked up Charlie in her arms and carried her over to the bed.

Charlie cupped her lover’s hot cheek and whispered, “I’m starting to think you like doing this.” She chuckled at the rich thunder in Kal’s chest, then brushed the black hair away from Kal’s face. Once she was lowered to the side of the bed, she scooted out of Kal’s arms and expected Kal to follow her, like many times in the past.

“Get on your knees near the edge,” Kal ordered, her voice heavy and dark.

Feeling her heart skip, Charlie stilled her anxiety and shifted onto her knees to face Kal. Her wrist suddenly in a firm grip, she was unsure what to expect and tensed when Kal kneeled to the floor.

“Closer,” Kal ordered, placing Charlie’s hand on her shoulder.

Inhaling deeply, Charlie realized what was in store for her and inched forward until she felt the warm breath between her legs. With her other hand she threaded her fingers into Kal’s mane and balanced herself. Kal’s two hands gripped Charlie’s butt cheeks to further support her, but all her attention shifted to the heated breathing below her waistline. Peering down, she studied her lover breathing in her scent, and it aroused her. Kal had told her she tasted sweet, which baffled her, but the Kalmar had a much stronger sense of smell than humans.

Kal yanked Charlie and brought her aching clit into an eager mouth. Her long tongue snaked out and started sliding through the wetness. She moaned after tasting Charlie again.

At first, Charlie tensed from having someone licking her clit—even if they had done this just days ago. She didn’t often let anyone touch her this way, the intimacy of it making her feel exposed. But as she gazed down, her fear was quelled because it was Kal, the only lover who wanted to please her more than themselves. Moaning and whimpering, Charlie started rocking her hips, and her stomach quivered each time the rough tongue brushed her swollen clit. She dragged her fingers through long strands as she admired the planet’s most powerful Alpha on her knees and pleasing Charlie. She felt like a god who was being worshipped, and an overwhelming emotion rushed through her.

Each stroke of Kal’s tongue said Charlie was hers. Kal moved a hand and used her fingers to open Charlie wider to expose her aching sex. Tilting her head, Kal started sucking hard against the pulsing clit. When Charlie bucked against her mouth, she tightened her grip on Charlie’s ass, not letting her budge.

“Sumner!” Charlie snarled and clawed into Kal’s shoulder, no longer able to restrain her jerking body. Curse words tumbled from her mouth until they turned into low, pleasurable cries. The first climax was quick, but Kal kept stroking her and building her higher. Charlie’s body vibrated with passion, and she tilted her head back, letting out the screams. Her knees slid, allowing her sex to sink deeper into the Alpha’s hot mouth. Arousal sliced through Charlie’s belly, and made her whimper in need. “Pleas-s-se, Sumner.” They’d been dancing around her next release.

But the begging worked as Kal sucked on the swollen bud, then flicked the tip of her tongue over it. She sent jolts through Charlie’s body, and the pending orgasm’s pressure was palpable for them both. Charlie’s heated yells encouraged Kal, who moved her tongue faster until Charlie froze, stiff in Kal’s embrace.

“Oh fuck,” Charlie gasped as the orgasm cut through her, pleasure searing throughout her body. She fell forward and leaned against Kal for support, almost sliding off the bed. But Kal rose up, gripped Charlie’s sides, and pulled them both up onto the bed. Somewhat dazed, Charlie curled against the Alpha’s body that cocooned her. All around her, long, deep rumbles anchored her until the shaking faded away. Peeking out from Kal’s chest, she gazed up into black eyes that shined in the last bits of sunlight streaming through the window’s shutters.

Kal was resting on top of Charlie and pressed a safe amount of weight against her. She reached up, swept her hair to one side, and pushed her nose into Charlie’s neck. She nipped at damp skin at the nape, licking and biting her lover.

For awhile, Charlie admired Kal, who’d pleased her moments ago as if she were the most perfect mate on the planet. In reality, there were thousands of potential, even better, mates on Kander than Charlie. There were safer mates who carried much less baggage. She wanted to tell Kal to keep searching for that right one, but when their lips brushed together, she lost her words. Nothing felt as good as when they kissed, and no one fucked her as well as Kal; Charlie was going to savor it until it was taken from her.

Breaking the slow kiss, Kal shifted on her knees and reached between their bodies. The tip of her cock pushed against Charlie’s sex, but she hesitated when Charlie grabbed her wrist.

“Wait,” Charlie whispered, then cringed at how it sounded to both their ears. She pressed her palm against Kal’s chest, feeling the threatening growl growing deeper. “I have a toy th-that you might like.” When the growl faded away, she took her opening and whispered, “I know you want to knot me.” Stretching her arm, she clutched the lower half of Kal’s cock and groaned at its increased thickness. “I want it too.”

Kal clenched her teeth and lowered her head closer. “If I knot you….”

Charlie swallowed and slid her hand until the prominent ring at the base of Kal’s shaft filled her palm. “There’s no going back, I know.” She wanted to squeeze the knot but withheld her urge in case it incited the Alpha. “This toy might help you feel like you’re knotting me.”

Kal snarled before saying, “Nothing could feel like knotting you.” She pressed her hips against Charlie’s thighs.

Biting her lip, Charlie contained a whimper that would further entice the Alpha. “I know, and this is the best I can do for now.” She pushed their foreheads together. “Will you at least try it for me?” She brushed her fingertips along Kal’s jaw line. “Krafka, Sumner.”

After a nod, Kal pulled away from her lover and rolled back to sit on her butt in the middle of the bed. She eyed Charlie, who sat up and hurried off the bed.

Quickly, Charlie collected the Red Cherry Ring from her things and returned to the bed. She paused at the foot to appreciate the handsome Alpha.

Still seated, Kal had her left leg bent toward her body while her other leg was propped up. She leaned most of her weight against her left arm that was stretched out behind her body. While she waited for Charlie to rejoin her, she massaged the tip of her penis with her right hand.

Charlie stood there, feeling the arousal spread between her legs. She’d never imagined having such a gorgeous lover as Kal or finding herself so attracted to someone who, by humans’ standards, was a blend of sexes. But each time they had sex, Charlie was drawn to Kal more deeply. It was the same line that jerked on her heart and forced her to crawl onto the bed, closer and closer to Kal. She forgot her original intent until Kal spoke to her.

“What is it?”

Sitting back on her haunches, Charlie held up the one toy she’d saved from the destruction of the Pacifica. “It’s called a Red Cherry Ring.” She trailed her fingers along the outside of it until she hit the first touch button. The ring started pulsing a soft red that indicated it was on and ready to be programmed. “It’s a cock ring.” At Kal’s narrowed gaze, she took deep breath and steadied herself. “It looks too big right now, but we can control that. It’s supposed to slide down your penis to wherever you want it, usually the base. Then we can control its size so we can make it smaller until it gets snug around you.”

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