About Lexa Luthor’s Queer SpecFic Feature


I’m so thrilled to be offering a new promotion for readers and authors. As a fantasy and sci-fi author, I have a deep love for the genres that fit under the speculative fiction (specfic) umbrella. It’s even better when those books have a queer main character, or two or three or… well many! 🌈

To celebrate both queer specfic and their authors, I started the Queer SpecFic Feature (QSF), which will focus on highlighting one specific specfic book with at least one queer main character. The featured book and author will remain spotlighted for one calendar month on my website. During that month, readers (who have a valid USA mailing address) will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway and have a chance to win a paperback version of that featured book. (Please note there may be special features for those outside of the USA so stay tuned.)

A rather important feature of the feature is that the paperback (and shipping) are all paid for by me. The QSF does not accept free/donated paperbacks from authors or publishers. This is my opportunity to give back and thank the readers, authors and publishers, who support queer specfic.

Below are the feature details and giveaway rules. The rules and details may change at any time and/or may not be current. Please check back for changes.

Feature Details:

  • Featured books will be from a genre under the speculative fiction umbrella. Example genres include, but not limited to, science fiction, science fantasy, fantasy, superhero, horror, dystopian, utopian, fantasy history, alternate history, paranormal, etc. All specfic genres may contain other genres such as romance.
  • Featured books will contain at least one main character, who identifies as queer but excludes cis male characters. Readers may be familiar with books being called Lesbian Fiction, Lesfic, Sapphic Fiction, WLW (women loving women), F/F (Female/Female), Transgender Literature, LGBTQ+ Literature, etc.
  • Featured books will be sourced from all publishing levels including self-published (or indie), small press and big press.
  • Each month, a new book will be featured with details about the book and its author.
  • QSF does not accept requests from authors for a feature but may, at times, open a poll for reader requests.
  • Featured books may be of any publishing age.
  • Featured books are randomly chosen but will rotate between genres, authors and publishing style.

Giveaway Raffle Rules:

  • The giveaway or raffle for the latest featured book opens the first week of each calendar month.
  • Readers may enter the giveaway or raffle for a chance to win one paperback of the featured book.
  • At this time, the reader must have a valid mailing address in the United States in order to accept the paperback. (This rule may change at a later date. There may be special features for readers outside of the USA. So please check back.)
  • One entry per person
  • After the giveaway/raffle closes at the end of the calendar month, one winner will be chosen by a random name picker.
  • The winner will have 72 hours from when the congratulatory email is sent out to respond and claim the paperback. No exceptions! After the allotted time expires, a new winner will be randomly chosen.
    Please ensure to check your spam or other email tabs and add lexa@lexaluthor.com to your address book so you don’t miss the email.
  • A reader can only claim one paperback prize per every six months.


Q: Do I have to do anything else (like signup to the author’s newsletter or share a social media post) besides fill out the giveaway form to win?
A: Nope! All I need is your completed entry form for the raffle.

Q: If I win & claim the paperback, how long can I expect before receiving the paperback?
A: It will depend on your location, but generally Media Mail takes between four to eight days. You will receive tracking information so you can keep an eye on the prize.

Q: How long will the QSF run for?
A: At this time, an end date has not been set. I hope to run the QSF for as long as I possibly can.

Q: Can readers request a particular book to be featured on the QSF?
A: No. The QSF will not accept reader requests for books and/or authors. However, the QSF may offer a poll or two in the future and allow readers to vote on a book to be featured.

Q: Can an author or publisher request a particular book to be featured on the QSF?
A: No. Sorry but the QSF is an independent cause without any influence from authors or publishers.

Q: Why does the QSF offer paperbacks rather than ebooks or audiobooks?
A: There are a few reasons. Reason #1: Paperbacks are way cooler to hold! 😍 Reason #2: Authors and publishers can often earn more royalties from the sale of a paperback rather than an ebook or audiobook. Reason #3: Paperbacks are much harder to pirate. The truth about pirating of ebooks/audiobooks sucks, but it happens a lot, especially in LGBTQ+ Fiction. I would be devastated to giveaway an author’s ebook/audiobook that was later used for pirating.

Q: Why is the giveaway limited to readers with a USA address?
A: International shipping rates are pretty hefty, sadly. However, the QSF is looking into offering special features being hosted in other locations outside of the USA. Please stay tuned!

Q: Does the QSF have a newsletter or any way to obtain notifications?
A: At this time, QSF does not offer a newsletter. I will be tweeting about each new feature on my Twitter account. But rest assured that the QSF’s Current Feature page will be updated the first week of each calendar month with the latest book. Please bookmark the Current Feature page so you can stay current.

Thank you for checking out the Queer SpecFic Feature and please support all our talented queer specfic authors & publishers! 🧑

Last Updated: April 20, 2022